Essential NRG Electrical and Solar Solutions

Essential NRG solar solutions, electric solutions and telecoms solutions are available all across Sydney. We supply high quality solar panel and energy storage systems. We help our clients offset their power bill while practising eco-friendly power consumption. We supply products that allow our clientele to rely on clean, sustainable energy to power their homes. 

Essential NRG electrical solutions provide answers to most household electrical problems. We install lights, perform switchboard upgrades, complete renovations and offer a range of other electrical services to the Sydney community.

We also offer telecomms consulting to customers who are applying for colocation at Telstra installations.

Did you know that you can utilise feed in tariffs at your home to reduce your power bill? Do this by providing surplus electricity to the NSW grid with solar panels. You’ll notice the savings soon after your system is installed and will be doing more to reduce your carbon emissions.

The solar industry is incredibly competitive. You can trust us as a local provider of solar power solutions with extensive tenure in the industry.

Essential NRG has been in business for ten years now. We are a trusted provider of tailored clean energy solar power systems, electrical solutions and telcomms consulting. Our high quality, customised solar solutions are compliant with Australian standards.

Our products and services are all tailored towards a return on your investment.


A range of services including site surveys, installation and battery testing.

Tailored solutions for your home or business.

All your domestic, commercial & industrial requirements.

If your home or business is interested in investigating renewable energy, please contact Paul today for all solar panel installations. Similarly, call us for all electrical NRG solutions or telecomms services. Essential NRG operates from 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday to Friday. Call us on 0409 381 978 for a solar consultation or to arrange an inspection and quote at your property.